Profit and Loss book cover

Profit and Loss

In her third collection, Flynn examines and dismantles a fugitive life.  The first sequence moves through a series of interconnected rooms, reflecting on aspects of the author’s personal and family history.  A tongue-in-cheek ‘Gothic’, the poems use the tropes of haunted houses, maddness, doubles and ghosts, to consider the importance of inheritence and legacy. More

Drives book cover


Following on from the assured day-to-day poems of her first collection, Leontia Flynn’s second, Drives, is a book of restless journeys – real and imaginary – interspersed with a series of sonnets on writers.  Beginning in Belfast, where she lives, she visits a disjointed number of cities in Europe and the States – each one the occasion for an elliptical postcard home to herself… with an alert ear for fracture and disarray and a tender eye for damage, Drives is a passionate enquiry into what shapes us as individuals. More

These Days book cover

These Days

These days represents one of the most strikingly original debuts in recent years.  A Gregory Award winner, Leontia Flynn – still in her twenties – writes about Belfast and the North of Ireland with a precision and tenderness that is completely fresh.  While her subject matter ranges from memories of childhood to the instabilities of adulthood, from the raw domestic to the restless pull of ‘elsewhere’, her theme throughout is a search for physical and mental well-being, for a way to live a life… More