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These Days

Published by Jonathan Cape, .

These days represents one of the most strikingly original debuts in recent years.  A Gregory Award winner, Leontia Flynn – still in her twenties – writes about Belfast and the North of Ireland with a precision and tenderness that is completely fresh.  While her subject matter ranges from memories of childhood to the instabilities of adulthood, from the raw domestic to the restless pull of ‘elsewhere’, her theme throughout is a search for physical and mental well-being, for a way to live a life…

… a breathtakingly accomplished debut. These Days transforms Flynn’s everyday experiences into literary jewels. She has exceptional insight and the writerly rigour of a poet many years her senior.

Whitbread judges’ comments

Leontia Flynn’s poems are as elliptical as they are intent. The journey through them is full of strange turnings, diversions and sudden flights which lead to exacting conclusions. Flynn arrives with a great deal of self-possession, and enough grace and wit not to stand on ceremony or even to stand still: ‘Don’t write about anything/you can point at’, she says. A delightfully impressive debut.

Lavinia Greenlaw